20 LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home

LED lighting has been regarded as a brilliant innovation from the traditional form of lighting. LED or Light Emitting Diodes have changed the way the world uses light. This type of lighting provides greater energy efficiency and is designed to last longer than most types of lighting.

LED is also rapidly becoming the new top choice for many homeowners because of the long-term savings they get from it. The cost is often more expensive on the onset but definitely gives better savings in the long run.

 As it is rapidly gaining popularity in the home design world, we are here to share with you several lighting ideas for the home that makes use of LED. Whether you are designing your dream home or updating your current home, discover how versatile this type of lighting is and explore new options for your home’s lighting solutions.


1. LED Kitchen lighting

Have a look at how the LED lights have been used as an accent light hidden under the kitchen island. It creates a beautiful blue accent that will definitely blow you away. The second example of LED kitchen lighting is simple yet sleek and fashionable.




2. Outdoor White LED Lighting

See how this home glows at night from the outside. You will find LED lights built into the exterior walls and in the middle of the pathway. It’s a brilliant outdoor LED lighting design.



3. Blue Pool LED Lighting

Have a look at how the blue LED lighting has been built into the pool so it creates an enchanting blue color for the pool. It is definitely a beautiful sight to behold.



4. LED and Glass

The use of LED light to enhance the look of the beautiful glass used around this kitchen is definitely smart. The glass being reflective allows perfect distribution of the LED tape light’s illumination.



5. LED Lit Patio Fence

A patio fence can be decorated with LED lighting. Look at the photo below and see how multicolored LED lighting can make a striking statement on your patio fence. You may also consider using a color changing LED light bulb for more lively lighting effects.



6. Under the Sofa

Have a look at the outdoor deck in the image below. It looks quite simple but has been transformed into an elegant scene with the use of LED lighting under the sofa, giving it a sleek modern look.



7. Under The Bed

Did you know you could also use LED lighting to enhance your bedroom? The use of LED under the bed is a brilliant idea you may want to consider. Have a look at the example below.



8. Ceiling and Wall Accent

The blue LED light on the ceiling and the wall in the image below provides an elegant accent while making the room look ultra-sleek. The second photo has soft white LED lighting.




9. LED Lit Steps

If the steps look plain, enhance them with LED lighting accents.




10. Lawn LED

In this lawn, the circular spots where trees are planted are highlighted with outdoor LED lighting. It’s just wonderful.



11. The Bookshelves

If you wish to give your library or bookshelves a twist, add a strip of LED bulbs under each shelf and you will have a brightly lit bookshelf. In the next example, the LED lighting used looks more subtle.




12. The Staircase

If you are used to seeing LED strips used as accents for every step on staircase, the example below is different, the lighting is positioned to light up the sides of the staircase. It’s unique and beautiful.



13. Outdoor Pathways

With outdoor pathways lit with LED, there is no need to have a bright light for the outdoors. It saves energy, and at the same time, it enhances the aesthetics.



14. The Wine Cellar

This example of a wine cellar transformed into a beautiful lighting masterpiece will definitely blow you away! Watch how LED lighting illuminates every hole in the wine rack. This is brilliant innovation!



15. Bathroom LED

The use of LED in this bathroom transforms it from simple to elegant. This is how LED lighting is supposed to be used in a bathroom. The second photo is an example of LED lighting in the bathroom using LED accents around the mirror giving it an elegant look. Consider adding LED lighting to customize your bathroom!




16. Garage LED Lighting

The LED strip on this garage gives it a runway look and is definitely a functional guide when parking the vehicle. Instead of using a lot of light, this LED lighting is enough to make a beautiful and useful garage light.



17. Bathtub LED Light

Have you ever wanted to make your bathtub unique from the others? Make use of LED lighting to enhance its look. Check out the example we have below of an orange bathtub enhanced with LED lighting.



18. LED Home Bar

This home bar offers the look of an actual commercial bar, the LED lighting makes it look modern and gorgeous, especially the lighting on the bar itself.



19. Unique Colored LED

The use of uncommon LED color is the key concept of this purple LED lit ceiling in the example below. With a unique hue, you are making a statement to express your creativity and style.



20. Closet LED

The use of LED in a closet is not so common. But it will definitely help provide ambient lighting to find the clothes you need, while making the closet look beautiful. See the example below:


After going through these ideas, your mind is probably racing and filling with new ideas and plans for your home lighting. When you make use of LED lighting in your home, you can enhance the overall aesthetics, while reducing your energy consumption.

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