3 Home Design Sites We Love


Home design websites are a great place to organize your thoughts, find your style, and discover new ideas and inspiration for your future or current home. We’ve put together a run-down of our favorite home design sites that will help you get started in planning your future custom home!


Houzz is an all-in-one home design and social community website. It connects you with inspiration photos, actual products, local professionals, and other users all in one location. It allows you to create a user profile, from which you can save your favorite photos, designs, and products. You can connect with local designers, contractors, builders, etc. to help you with your projects. You can enter discussion boards to ask for advice or help, and respond and comment on others discussions. Houzz Stories also brings you the latest news, trends, and guides to all things home related.

Houzz is a great place to start getting the ideas flowing. Search by room, item, or style and start building an “ideabook” of images with your favorites.  When you are ready reach out to local professionals to get your project started! And be sure to follow us on Houzz!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful has fun, informative articles focusing on everything from paint colors to space saving tips, and real home tours. You can search House Beautiful by categories like Design, Rooms, Renovate, Lifestyle, or Gardening. There is plenty of inspiration to be found in their articles, shopping and product guides are available, and the option to search for an interior designer is also present. House Beautiful does lack the social/community aspect that Houzz boasts, but it is still an amazing resource for anyone interested in home design.

Home Styler

Home Styler is a fun way to experiment with different elements of home design before you actually go through with the real life process.  You can use their Room Designer to create a completely custom space. Start from scratch and build a three-dimensional space with windows and doors, use drag-and-drop rooms, or upload an image of your floor place that you can trace over. This is a fun and almost addictive way to play around with different room features and interior designs!

Get ideas by checking out other users designs, many are elaborate with wall paper, lighting, drapes, art work, and decorative items all set in place. Have fun with paint colors, wall textures, and rugs. You can even add real-life products to your space to see how you like them. View your designs while still in progress and after completion in either 2D or 3D. And once you are happy with a design, you can share it with friends and family!

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