An Intro to Home Automation for Your Oklahoma Custom Home


What if your custom built home in Oklahoma City could come to life? What if every aspect of the home, from the lights to the thermostat, security to common tasks were automated to help provide ease of living? As the digital age surges forward, home automation has taken a giant leap from a pipe-dream in movies like ‘Back to the Future,’ to reality. Notifying your Midwest custom home builder before the start of your project will help ensure complete integration and an infrastructure to adapt with the ever-changing technology available.

But What Exactly is Home Automation and Smart Home Technology?

Home automation allows you to control many aspects of your home from the palm of your hand using any mobile device. Have you ever arrived home after a long trip or long day at the office to a dark house? You fumble with your keys in the dark and hurry to flip on a light before stumbling over something. With home automation, this is a thing of the past. Home automation lighting is a step beyond the unreliable motion sensors and allows you to turn lights on by using your mobile device. You can also set lights in your home to turn on when you are a certain distance from your driveway.

Efficiency and How Home Automation Will Save on Your Utilities?

Having a custom built home that implements home automation is the answer to cutting your utility bills and being a smarter consumer. It also can extend the life of your HVAC and other appliances by having them run less frequently and more efficiently. For instance, say you leave on vacation and forget to turn the heat or air conditioning down. In the past, maybe you were lucky to have a friend or neighbor to come and make the adjustment. With home automation, you can not only control appliances and areas of your home from your mobile device, but you can also monitor your home’s temperature making sure everything is functioning properly.

What Other Aspects of Home Monitoring and Security Are Available for Custom Built Homes?

From security cameras and security lights to even the locks on your door, having the peace of mind that everything is secure while you’re away can mean the difference between stress and panic to total relaxation. Light timers were a common and affordable way to have the lights turn on and off automatically while away, but they are more or less on a predictable schedule that can’t vary. Today’s technology provides the ability to turn on any light in any room at any time from anywhere.

While building your custom home, talk with your home builder about the best solution for transforming your stagnant walls into a space that helps you live easier. Having access to the functions of your home in the palm of your hand means having control no matter where you are in the world. Not only will integrating home automation into your custom plans, it will also increase the value of your home. For more tips on home improvements, check out our blog!


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