Awesome Outdoor Living Spaces

Now that the summer season is upon us, homeowners with outdoor living areas are taking full advantage of warmsummer evenings spent with friends and family. Whether it is simply enjoying a laugh with a friend on the patio, or hosting a pool party for your children, the memories made in our outdoor living spaces tend to be the ones we carry with us for years to come. Read below to learn about a couple of different outdoor living spaces that are unique, yet equally pleasurable to those fortunate enough to enjoy them.

A Tuscan Patio

Lee-335This beautifully designed outdoor living area is perfect for an alfresco dining experience spent with friends. The Tuscan style patio is accompanied with a hot tub that can be enjoyed by both homeowners and their guests. In addition to the spa-like comfort it provides, the hot tub drastically improves the ambiance of the living space, adding a bit of contrast to the area. It is outdoor spaces such as these that make it quite easy for us to picture an evening spent beside the grill with great company. In addition to the Tuscan design, the exterior walls of the home which border the outdoor living space provide excellent privacy from neighbors, further enhancing the experience.

The Tasteful Backyard Pool Area

IMG_5585f5B15DIt is often difficult to design a backyard pool area that perfectly ties in with the property’s look. However, with a little creativity in design, it is possible to accomplish what was achieved outside this transitional style home. The covered dining and living areas flow perfectly to complement the pool and surrounding landscaping. Furthermore, these features dramatically enhance the view from the home’s interior. Professionally designed pool lighting also ads a warm evening feel to the entire property. No matter what type of outdoor living space you prefer, this property is proof that numerous features such as pool, dining, and living areas can indeed work quite well together.

Keep the idea of an enjoyable outdoor living space in mind when designing your new home. If you are certain you want a space of this nature before the design/build process has taken place, then working the outdoor area in with the rest of the home’s architecture will be much more easily accomplished. Ideally, the home’s outdoor features (outdoor living area, pool, and landscaping) are all seamlessly brought together to create a space that immerses guests and residents in relaxation.

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