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Are You Built For Building a Custom Home?

August 25 , 2015 Posted by admin
oklahoma city custom homes

In previous post I talked about how to hire a custom home builder and what their general responsibilities are to you the client. I realized as I was preparing to write about client responsibilities I should start at the very beginning of the “thought” process when considering building a custom home.  In order to understand Continue Reading…

5 Unique Rooms for Your Luxury Custom Home

August 19 , 2015 Posted by admin
okc custom home builder

Building a luxury custom home can be an enjoyable experience. There are many options to explore when designing your home, so taking the time to carefully think through those options is a necessary part of the home building process. Custom home buyers are becoming increasingly creative with their home designs. With that said, read below Continue Reading…

Designing Your Dream Bathroom

August 18 , 2015 Posted by admin
luxury custom homes okc

When building a new home, there is a seemingly endless list of decisions the home buyer must make to get the custom home they desire. Cabinets, carpets, countertops, paint, trim, siding, roofing…the list goes on and on. Each and every one of these decisions is crucial in order to be completely satisfied with your luxury Continue Reading…

Custom Home Builder Responsibilities and Interview Questions (Part 2)

August 11 , 2015 Posted by admin

This is a continuation of a three part series to better prepare and educate anyone who is planning on building a custom home sometime in their future.  We have heard quite a few horror stories from clients who have built before and are looking for a totally different experience. Short general responsibilities your builder would Continue Reading…


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