Building Together

Building Together

It’s about your satisfaction and assurance when Chris Lee himself is your first point of contact.  He constantly monitors the progress of your home to ensure the highest quality is achieved.  Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes hires only the best subcontractors and can provide references on each one of them.  Our subcontractors understand the high standards we expect from them and will not settle for anything less than their best work.

TIME BENEFIT –  Once construction begins,we can build your home efficiently because you have followed our guidance and you have made every effort not to make changes in your selections. Scheduling of each subcontractor is contingent of knowing exactly what products have been chosen and are ready for implementation as each stage of the building process grows into your beautiful new home.  We provide you with an approximate timeline for completion and move in.  There will be “surprises” when dealing with about 360 different subcontractors, suppliers and their employees, shipping companies and accounting offices of each. What we do commit to is that our home owners have peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they want.

BUDGET BENEFIT – Any changes to your home’s design will always result in corresponding changes to the estimated home budget.  The detailed process of refining the home’s design to your needs and desires is a fluid process in which construction costs can change daily.  When you change your selection from a wood door with no glass to a custom forged iron double door you will go over budget.  Christopher Lee and Company Fine Homes’ promise to you is to keep you up to date on projected cost.


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