How to Choose Colors for Your New Home


You are building a new home and the time for choosing your interior paint colors has arrived. This is a huge decision, that shouldn’t be taken lightly as colors can affect the entire feel of your home. Take your time, and follow some of these tips to ensure you choose the right colors for your new custom home.

Take Inventory

Consider your current furniture, artwork, and other home décor pieces that you already own and will be keeping in your home. If you have pieces that you don’t intend to part with, then this is a great starting point for building your color palette around these items. For example, pull colors from a patterned rug to use for a wall paint or accent paint colors in that room. Do the same with artwork and furniture.

Color Wheel

Use a color wheel to see which colors complement each other. But don’t be afraid to mix colors that are next to each other on the wheel. A color wheel is a great way to explore how colors play off of each other and pair together.

Trending Neutrals

Right now the trending neutral is gray. Gray colors can give off a warm or cool feeling depending on the shade, and gray pairs well with pretty much every other color out there… It is trending for a reason!

Common Areas First

Start you color search in the living room, kitchen, and dining room of your home.  Once you’ve gotten these colors down, you can pull accent colors from these rooms to use in the other rooms of your home – bedrooms, bathrooms, office, etc.


Think about how colors affect your moods. How do you want the room to make you feel? Use bold colors to add energy and drama to a room. Soft colors and neutrals will be more peaceful and calming.

60-30-10 Rule or Rule of Three

Consider choosing 3 main colors for your room, that will be divided into your primary, secondary, and accent color, this can also be considered the Rule of Three. To get more detailed, the 60-30-10 rule implies that 60% of your color will be on the wall, 30% will be in your furniture, and the remaining 10% will be accent pieces. This is any easy way to ensure you achieve the right balance of color in your home.

Your Style

Don’t get lost in trying to decorate your home the “right way”. Make sure that the colors you use still reflect your personal style and interests. If you tend to buy your clothes in a few favorite colors, don’t shy away from using these colors in your home either. Guests will appreciate your home more if it is reflective of your personal style, and you have to see these colors every day, you need to love them!

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