What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?


What do you notice when you arrive at someone’s home for the first time? For many, the color of the front door might be what grabs your attention. Deciding what color to paint your front door can be challenging with so many options available. Do you go for vibrant and bold, or for warm and calm? In many cultures, the front door is symbolic and a reflection of your personality. Below are five popular choices and the meaning behind each color.

 Bright Red

This color symbolizes a home that is welcoming and full of energy. Red is a very bold and emotionally intense color. A red door represents a homeowner that is daring and full of determination. If you don’t mind being the center of attention than bright red is the perfect color for you!

Sunny Yellow

Homeowners that decide on a bright yellow are often understanding and fun loving. This color is for someone that is organized, neat, and has a positive attitude. Bright yellow represents happiness and often captures the essence of the sun! People who choose this color will always have their door open for a friend in need.

Deep Blue

Deep blue is a representation of calmness and stability. Painting your front door this color will give peaceful vibes to your neighbors.  Homeowners with deep blue doors are often thought of as trustworthy and loyal people. When people drive past your house they will most likely get a feeling of peace and inspiration.

Seasonal Green

Green is the color of nature and a popular choice for homes. This color is often associated with wealth, ambition, and growth. Green is the most restful color and when used correctly it will make you feel relaxed. Homeowners that opt for this color aren’t afraid of a challenge especially if there is money involved!

Plum Purple

People that are attracted to this color are often successful and wealthy. Throughout history, purple symbolized royalty and aristocracy. Painting your front door plum purple will most definitely make a statement. The owners that live in the home with the purple door might just be the people that reign over the entire neighborhood.

The process of picking out what color to paint your front door should be fun and exciting! Do you think the color of your front door is an accurate representation of your personality?

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