How to Make Your Mud Room Do More

Winter weather really shows how a mud room should function for a family.  Without proper storage and function, it can quickly look like a ski shop that exploded — boots, coats, mittens and sports equipment strewn about and caked with mud and snow. Below we have highlighted some special features for you to consider when custom designing your next mud room:



Storage and Boot Dryers

When designing a mud room homeowners usually ask for a cubby for each family member to keep their outdoor gear organized. This allows even young children to hang up their own jackets and put away their own things in their drawer below the bench.

A special feature of the above mud room is that each cubby doubles as a bench. The deeper seat allows someone to sit in front of hanging items. Because of the high ceiling there is enough storage for off season sports equipment and apparel like bike helmets during the winter and snow boots in the summer. This particular mud room has a special space with a built-in drying system (the tubes seen on the right) for boots, gloves and other gear to be ready for the next day.



Open Shelves and a Control Center

This mud room is a functional space for an active family who are into sports and hobbies and need somewhere to unload with easy access.  Again, everything from sports equipment, school bags, coats, and shoes that need to be organized for a family can be easily stored away.

Special features in this mud room are the individual storage lockers with an integral bench, a “control center” to organize the family calendar and important paperwork, and a wall of hooks for random belongings.  There are multiple points of entry to the room — from the exterior, the garage, the laundry room and the kitchen — which made traffic flow challenging, but the layout of the benches and integral storage created interest and order.



A Charging Station and Heated Floors

The design request was very simple for this family.  They were tired of seeing shoes, backpacks, and coats spread all over the floor.  They needed an organized space for the kids to put their belongings when getting home from school activities. 

These homeowners also wanted a place for charging mobile phones and a chalkboard for messages.  Junk drawers were on their list for miscellaneous items and baskets for scarves, mittens and hats.  Heated floors were installed as a special feature to warm feet and help dry boots.  The mudroom opens into the kitchen which allows for groceries to come easily into the house.



Drawers and Natural Light

A French door brings in natural light from a large window in the laundry room. Open shelving and hooks allow family members to grab things quickly when they’re in a rush. Drawers on the bottom keep things organized and uncluttered, while classic hardware adds timeless style. The cushion fabric is a durable outdoor fabric that can be easily wiped down and kept clean.  There is added interest with the trim color.  The contrast of the dark color trim at the top and on the face of the shelves gives the entire room a special, tailored look.

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