You do not need to have a lot selected before finding a custom home builder. In fact, you may even want to select a builder first.

While you may have found the perfect building site before you even considered building, most people at least have have a floor plan or at least a design in mind. Just in case you have not thought about the perfect floor plan for your family, Christopher Lee & Company has a designer on staff that can help you.  A good custom home builder has the resources, time and talent to help you find the perfect building site.

What advice can a custom home builder offer you about lot selection? 

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1.) Potential Expenses – If a builder has previously built in a particular area or subdivision, they may be aware of unexpected expenses that have incurred in the past due to soil conditions unseen prior to excavation.

2.) Floor Plan Options – Considering the size, shape, easements and setbacks of a lot, a builder can offer a wealth of knowledge as to what type of floor plan would, and would not, be suitable on the lot. If you are working with a design-builder, then the rooms will be designed with the sunrise and sunset in mind, current and future views and other features the lot allows.

3.) Exposure – With so many people taking advantage of basement living space as an economical way to add livable square footage, it is important to know what level of exposure is possible. Do you want a walk-out basement, or just larger windows to let in natural light? If a walk-out basement is important to you, then it is imperative to seek a builder’s guidance in the lot selection process.


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