Pet Friendly Custom Home Features

We all love our pets. When building a custom home, of course we want to add features to cater to them and make our lives a little easier too. It’s no surprise then that a big trend in home customization lately has been for pet amenities. Check out these top ways to customize your home for your furry best friends:

Custom Washing Station

Often nothing can be more difficult than trying to give your pet a bath. And even if you have a pet that enjoys bath time, it can still get really messy attempting to do it in human bathing areas.  The solution is to have a small pet shower built in to the utility room or another dog friendly space. Even consider building a shower station outside the home to clean your pets of dirt and mud before taking inside your home.  

chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-utility-room-pet-shower chris-lee-home-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-dog-house-shower

Image Sources:  CK Architects & Stanton Homes

Feeding Stations

No more tripping on and spilling of the water bowls! Customize a special feeding area for your pet with built-in feeding stations. Consider having them in a sliding drawer that can be pushed back in after feeding time, or in an open cabinet space where they can remain permanently.  A popular space for many homeowners to put pet bowls is at the end of the kitchen island or cabinetry.

Also include a special space for a large amount of food or litter to be stored. Including easy access to this space will make your life much easier.  If you are feeding a large dog, consider installing your custom bowls higher off the ground to make them feel more comfortable when eating.

chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-built-in-bowls chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-sliding-bowls

Image Sources: Artisan Kitchens LLC & Plain & Fancy

Built In Litterbox

Hiding the litter box is a high priority for cat owners. There is no better time to plan a hidden litter box then when you are building a custom home. You have the option to make a litter box space almost anywhere. Consider installing in cabinetry, building a space into the wall, or even a tunnel space leading from the inside of your home to the garage if you really want to keep the litter box out of sight and smelling range.

chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-cat-litter-box-hidden chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-built-in-litter-box

Image sources:  Aston Design Studio & Home Stratosphere

Custom Doors

Installing custom doors throughout your home is a great way to ditch the unattractive baby gates and still keep your pet sectioned off to specific areas of the home when needed.  Consider using half-height sliding pocket doors or Dutch doors that allow the top half of the door to open while the bottom half remains closed.

chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-sliding-pocket-doors chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-dutch-doors

Image source: Donald Lococo Architects & Examiner


A major concern for home owners with pets should be the quality and type of flooring to be used in the home. Hardwood floors are a good option, but hardwood can be scratched and even stained if pet accidents aren’t cleaned up promptly. Use the Janka Hardness scale to browse different wood species and their hardness levels. A softer than average hardwood flooring would be a bad option for homeowners with pets. For more information on choosing hardwood floors, check out our blog for an intro to hardwood floors.  

Bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood, it is extremely hard and is resistant to stains. Stone tiles is another great option, it is more scratch resistant than hardwood and also less likely to stain from pet accidents. Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming more popular in homes with children and pets, as it is scratch and stain resistant and can still have a luxury look and feel.  Ceramic tiles would be great as well, just remember stone and ceramic tile flooring may be cold for your pet to lay on, but that’s something a nice rug could fix. Carpet should be avoided with pets as it can easily be ruined.

Pet Rooms

Another recent trend is for home owners to allot special living spaces just for their pets. This can be anything from a custom sleeping nook to a private pet room.  While designing your custom home is the perfect time to implement special spaces for everyone in your family!

chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-cat-room chris-lee-homes-pet-friendly-custom-home-features-dog-room

Image Sources: Goods Home Design & HGTV

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