Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes takes extreme measures to ensure top quality control throughout the building process. Our Project Managers use a highly detailed 700+ Quality Control Check List that begins with the Preconstruction Stage through Stage 9 Completion.

Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes’ commitment however, does not end at completion.  We offer home owners a one year builders warranty program to ensure that your home will continue to reflect our high standards.

Controllable or Uncontrollable?

We preplan a project along with our clients and try to anticipate every situation as much as possible. When it comes to building a custom home there can be several reasons why it appears that the project is under control or maybe out of control. Delays in the schedule and budgets going higher than expected are the two main possible points of frustration with building a custom home.

Below are only a couple of examples we have experienced over the years for causing a schedule to stall and delay the overall project.  Put your Builder’s hat on and you decide were these situations controllable or uncontrollable.

1. We had a client spend four days with the plumbing hardware representative trying to select the drain she wanted for her master bath shower…..the chain reaction?  Ground plumbers had to be rescheduled until a decision was made. Because of their schedule with other clients they could not return to our job site for over two weeks.  Homeowners wanted to know why we didn’t have plumbers on site working.  We have put in place a program that requires homeowners to have their plumbing decided on before we break ground.

2. Typically five redline meetings to discuss framing issues, electrical locations & choices, plumbing specifics, selecting interior & exterior door styles & locations covers what a builder needs to know to get started.  We had one client request redline meeting after redline meeting to revisit decisions that had already been made in previous redline meetings. The result of changes and indecisions caused the project to be delayed several months and with a total of 22 redline meetings it increased the scope of the project and cost of the project.  We now charge for additional redline meetings of $300 each.

3. In a couple of situations we went against our own policy and used a subcontractor of our client’s choice because of either being a relative, friend or thought they would get a better price.  In reality, it caused confusion, delay in schedule and increase in cost to the homeowner after all.  We now follow our own policy and hire the subcontractors we know and trust to do the job.

When it comes to understanding why the cost of your new home went over budget.  Did the builder under budget the home or did the homeowner not follow the budget?  Below are some reasons why the budget might grow into the unexpected.

1. Sometimes husbands and wives don’t communicate very clearly between themselves exactly what level of finishes they want in their new home.  

2. When a homeowner wants to “co-build” & direct subcontractors in the field to perform additional requests or make changes that was not in their original bid for the job there is going to be extra cost.  What may seem like a very small request could turn into expensive “fixes”. We have in our contract that subcontractors are not to make any changes or additions until the Project Manager approves them.


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