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If you’ve ever had a custom home built, you’ve probably found yourself overwhelmed with all of the selections you had to make and the vast options to pick from for the kitchen. Choices had to be made on everything from what style of cabinet door & the wood species to warming drawers and backsplash tile.

Designing an awesome outdoor living space for your home can be exciting, but making choices for an outdoor kitchen can be very important, too. You’ll find yourself confronted with a wide range of possibilities, however there will be definite better product choices over others. The weather in Oklahoma can range from 105 degrees with a dust storm to 10 degrees below zero with a snow blizzard. For this reason you need weather-resistant features. There is one basic principle to help you make the right selection choice. Just ask yourself this question: “Which product will stand up to the elements better?”


Water resistance is the name of the game when it comes to outdoor cabinets. We offer a cabinet line called Naturekast Outdoor Cabinetry, an American made product that is resin based, 100% waterproof, and UV resistant. Naturekast is beautiful and a cost-effective solution to outdoor living.

The construction includes 1-inch-thick doors, 100% waterproof “closed cell” solid, high-density resin, stainless steel or PVC drawer glides, adjustable shelving, PVC adhesive and stainless steel screws, plus 3/4-inch PVC box parts for easy cleaning.


 The finishes come in multiple colors.  Depending whether you prefer White, Cypress, Pecky Cypress, Mahogany, Orange Mahogany, Barn Gray, Red Oak, Natural, Walnut or Unfinished.  There are three different styles to choose from for the cabinet doors.  They are either Shaker, Slab or Louver, as displayed below: 












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