Year-End Wrap-Up of the Top Home Design Trends for 2015

While many people are predicting what the upcoming year will hold in the home design industry, we would like to take a glance back over 2015 at some of the Top Home Design Trends that defined and shaped the year.



Freestanding Bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs are become a thing of the past. Many homeowners now favor a large walk-in shower but may still want the option of having a bath. A freestanding bathtub takes up less space than a built-in tub, adds style and sophistication to your bathroom, and can be used as a focal point and iconic piece in one of the most frequented rooms in your home. They are elegant but modern, and with the many varieties available these days, homeowners can transform their space to represent their personal style and taste in their home.



Warm Metals

Whether in permanent fixtures or smaller accent pieces, gold, rose, bronze, brass, and especially copper finishes have regained popularity. This trend has been fueled by the fact that mixing metals, even among warm and cold varieties, is no longer considered a “faux pas.” Mixing metals and using a combination of finishes gives homeowners more freedom and creativity in their design choices. Warm finishes have become immensely popular along with the use of wood elements as well. A warm metal finish can turn an ordinary home item into your own masterpiece!




Bold Blues

Bold and deep blue hues, adorning everything from walls to furniture to accent pieces, were a favorite in 2015. These deep blues are a great complement to Pantone’s color of the year – Marsala – and added a feeling of luxury to just about anywhere they were incorporated.




Open-Concept Living Areas

The idea of open-concept living has been around for a while, but steam continues to rise with more and more homeowners combining their kitchen, dining, and living room spaces into one outstanding great-room. The kitchen has become a place of pride, not a space that homeowners want to tuck away and hide from their guests. Kitchens continue to be places of fellowship for families and friends, and to separate the kitchen from the dining and living areas creates an undesirable divide for many homeowners.




Last but not least, wallpaper surprisingly continues to make a comeback! As attention to wallpaper has been on the rise, more options and designs have become available, creating even more interest in using it. Bold patterns and designs are being used all over the home now, especially in dining rooms, atriums and libraries. With improvements on the designs and colors of the past and increased ease of application and removal, this design trend should become a longstanding one that we expect to see continued growth in.

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